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Privacy Policy

Given the nature of your work, you have access to personal data relating to customers and client through our shipment information system. This personal data may only be processed (stored, viewed, amended, deleted or forwarded) in a professional capacity and is to be handled with the necessary care prescribed by operational data protection requirements and the provisions of data protection law.

Definition of Personal Data:

All data of a personal or factual nature relating to a definite or definable natural person, whether employee, colleague, customer or client (and their contacts) are subject to protection under data protection law. This includes all details relating to an identifiable person, i.e. address, telephone number, date of birth, photograph, etc. Data that does not directly refer to a person (e.g. no mention of name) can still de defined as personal data, if this data can be used to identify the respective person (e.g. personal ID numbers, PC user names, etc.).

If you have any questions on this issue, please refer to your superior or to your company’s data protection auditor.